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non-branded and overall traffic
Organic Traffic in 3 Months 
SEO, Strategy
3 Months
February 2021

Evergreen Organic Growth: How a Plant Nursery in Sydney Tripled Their Website Traffic in Only 3 Months


Spring Colours Nursery in the Dural suburb of Sydney, Australia, enlisted TADA to provide SEO services for the company that focuses on delivering high-quality plants to customers and traders in the city and its surrounding areas.

No SEO had previously been executed for the client. The Spring Colours Nursery website and online shop generated traffic and had organic keyword rankings, but only for out-of-stock product pages. Furthermore, web pages were not integrated in the page structure, which led to a low conversion rate and consequently no traffic was directed to the main product pages. The pages for in-stock products could not be ranked on search engines considering that hundreds of metadata and alt tags were missing and no headings were in place.

The overall web user experience was also lacking as internal linking, breadcrumbs, html sitemap and other important technical SEO items were missing. Which made it difficult to get any conversions through Organic as they didn’t appear correctly in Search Engine Result Pages. Goal and KPIs of this project were to enhance traffic through Organic and additional keyword rankings such as increasing conversions.


The goals and KPIs for the client’s SEO strategy were to enhance organic traffic for in-stock product pages and to increase keyword rankings and conversions. TADA’s SEO specialists connected the old ranked pages with new ones by restructuring product pages and optimising hundreds of pages through metadata, headings and alt tags with text rich in high-volume keywords for the best results. Old out-of-stock product pages were removed from being indexed.

Additionally, conversions were increased through techniques such as internal linking and the optimisation of top navigation to significantly improve the user experience. A keyword strategy was implemented for the main product pages, including an efficient keyword mapping and optimisation of all the main on-page elements like headers, metadata, anchors and alt tags.


In only three months TADA succeeded in:

  • Increasing non-branded and overall traffic by nearly 200%, and
  • Achieving several new keyword rankings for high-volume keywords.